Sponsor Beta Trials

Update **
The list of sponsors on the list is still growing so please be patient, we’re open to any feedback. Please let the station know if any of the details for your business are missing or outdated. We hope to have all our sponsors on here before the end of the month with the correct details and with any luck some form of categorization and search options.
Thanks again for your patience in the meantime please feel free to click into the various sponsors to get any details as required.

A new initiative by the station is this new update to our website which will feature our sponsors including Facebook links, Website links, contact details and opening times, this will be based around the information available and currently is fairly outdated as we are in the process of ironing out the kinks to make this work as well as possible please bear with us in this trial period.

Once completed we hope to have a directory of Good Local businesses that Sponsor the station
Thanks for your patience for this period.
Please call us on 07 47861951 if you have any inquiries or feel free to tune into the live streaming to listen to the station.
Gem Fm Live Streaming Here

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